Terms of Service


1) Us, Grizzly, GrizzlySTS, and Grizzly Software & Technical Services all refer to Grizzly Software & Technical Services, LLC.
2) You and “the client” refers to the person or company receiving services.
3) “Official Email Address” and “Address on File” both refer to the Email address used to sign up for your account with GrizzlySTS.

By creating an account in our billing system(billing.grizzlysts.com or grizzlysts.com/billing) you agree to these terms of service. You also agree to the understanding that these terms may change throughout the course of your time with us with or without notification.

GrizzlySTS will consider any and all instructions from your official Email address to be official, valid, and from you. Terms such as hourly work limits, hourly rates, and other billing related statements made from your official Email address are considered binding. You are liable for any problems caused because of orders from your official Email address.

In addition to orders from your official Email address, orders from channels delegated in your official Email address will be considered official and from you as well. This includes situations where our staff are working with you over the phone, working with your clients, or working with your staff.

All work will be billed on an hourly basis. New clients will be required to submit a payment total to the price of 50% of their expected weekly hours prior to beginning work. After the first week, invoices will be generated the Sunday after work has been completed. Invoices need to be paid prior to the following Saturday if work is to be continued. If invoices are not paid prior to the Saturday after the invoice has been issued, GrizzlySTS reserves the right to terminate or suspend service until the invoice has been paid. If a balance greater than $25.00 has not been paid after 30 days, GrizzlySTS reserves the right to pursue legal action.

If the GrizzlySTS team causes damages to the systems or software we’ve been asked to work with, GrizzlySTS will reimburse for all of our time spent causing and correcting the issue. The client will be held responsible for lost revenue and any additional damages caused. GrizzlySTS will make a best effort at correcting all issues caused by our staff but we will be held under no legal requirement to correct those issues.


Best efforts will be made to provide refunds as in the event of unusable services but GrizzlySTS guarantees no refunds on software or services received.

Software Downloads:

By accepting this agreement and downloading software from Grizzlysts.com, you confirm your acknowledgement of the Software Licencing Agreements bundled with all of our software packages. Accepting this TOS is an agreement to accept all licencing agreement for future downloads.

Content Requirements

GrizzlySTS is a Christian company and will not support websites that feature sexual, pornographic, or illegal content. If your site is found to contain this kind of content you will be given a 24 hour window to change providers. No refunds of any kind will be offered and no further services will be provided.