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  • Whatever happened to Synthia?

    The Synthia project has been floating around for the last couple of years and I’m ashamed to say we haven’t really met expectations. We were ridiculously close to a launch in 2016 when a security flaw forced us to re-evaluate the project’s status. After some deliberation, we chose to refactor the project and rebuild it Read More

  • How to win at web development contracts

    If I had to tell you the complaint I hear most frequently from clients, it’s normally something about their last developer and it tends to be somewhere along the lines of “I paid thousands of dollars and never saw a completed product” or “The finished product wasn’t what I wanted it to be” and I Read More

  • Tariffs, and the 4 ways they hurt the economy (explained in plain English)

    What’s a tariff? A tariff is a tax imposed by a government upon certain imported goods from other nations. It’s a protectionist measure enacted by the government meant to insulate domestic producers from competing foreign industries. The logic follows that, if foreign-produced goods are artificially made to be more expensive than domestic goods, then citizens Read More

  • Automation isn’t taking over the human workforce

    Fears of human workers being supplanted by automated machines were stoked again recently in former president Obama’s farewell address. “The next wave of economic dislocations won’t come from overseas,” he stated. “It will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good, middle-class jobs obsolete.” Certain sources ostensibly suggest that robots could Read More

  • Website Security & PCI Compliance

    Much like death and taxes, hackers are one of the certainties of life in the internet world. A single shared server can have dozens of hacked websites on it and a website can easily be hacked multiple times a year if not properly defended. Being small and obscure isn’t necessarily going to save you either. Read More

  • What CMS Should I Choose?

    What CMS Should I Choose? If you’ve ever sat down and tried to figure out how to put your business online, you’ve probably come across thousands of different ways to set up a website. There are self-hosted options like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento along with a plethora of proprietary platforms from personal websites on Wix Read More

  • Keep Your Sanity By Outsourcing Your Website’s Day To Day Operations

    Running an online business can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why it is imperative to have a service provider or professional who can do it for you. Why waste time by doing work you’d rather not be doing? Outsourcing that work for a small fee can free up the time to search and create more opportunities. Read More

  • 9 Must Have Magento Extensions to Jump Start Your Business

    Most owners who run their own online store probably know that Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It’s a platform with many extensions available, including email management, social marketing tools, currency/shipping conversions, etc. It holds thousands of plugins in these categories that can be added to your store to give it an Read More

  • Quick & Dirty Automated Deployments with Github, Jenkins, and Magento.

    This isn’t meant to be an extensive guide but will give you the essentials to start doing automated deployments in Magento with Github & Jenkins. Setting up Git Sign up for Github( A personal account will do. Once you’re signed up, navigate to the home page and click “New Repository”. Add a repository name(no spaces) Read More

  • How To Make Money Through Blogging and Online Stores

    To most people, making a living earning money online seems more like a myth. The fact is the majority of internet users are not keen on the ability to make a little cash while sitting in front of the blue screen. Two of the best ways to make money online are from blogging, or choosing Read More