9 Must Have Magento Extensions to Jump Start Your Business

Most owners who run their own online store probably know that Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It’s a platform with many extensions available, including email management, social marketing tools, currency/shipping conversions, etc.

It holds thousands of plugins in these categories that can be added to your store to give it an extra boost in sales and functionality. However, lots of startup businesses don’t have the expertise or know how to implement any of this stuff. So finding the right source to tell you what to look for is essential.

To better understand this, we sifted through all the extensions and came up with a list. Here’s the 9 must have Magento extensions to jump start your online store.

Fishpig Magento WordPress Integration

megento wordpress

This is a must have plugin if you’re running a blog and online store. Fishpig Magento WordPress Integration links your store with your WordPress blog. Once both platforms sync, owners can easily switch back and forth from the WP dashboard and the Magento admin panel with one click. Works for a seamless transition.

Having two of the best platforms integrated in this way is a really great cornerstone to running an officiant blog and online store. As a result, this plugin must be on your list of extensions that need to be added.

Read more about Fishpig integration here

Fooman Google Analytics

Fooman Google Analytics

Fooman Google Analytics provides deeper capabilities for your Google analytics. This includes tracking of your Adwords purchases and conversions. It dives into more in-depth detail on your site’s analytics. Thereupon seeing how Adwords is converting for you in addition to the ability to filter by the customer.

This plugin sort of goes with Magento WordPress Integration as it focuses on the blog aspect of your site. You should definitely consider grabbing this is you want to take the writing side of things seriously.

One Page Checkout

magento one page checkout

One Page Checkout module is a free solution that makes checking out for a customer way simpler. As a result, the extension reduces the steps required when buying something.

This is incredibly important when converting potential transactions into sales, as it speeds up the process. This could help lower your cart abandonment.

In addition, this extension also supports multiple languages, and PayPal integration, which is a huge feature to have. That’s why it belongs on anyone’s top Magento extensions list.

Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth magento


Magento’s most customizable loyalty and rewards extension. Sweet Tooth allows you to reward just about anything your visitors or customers do. This includes reviews, social sharing, newsletter subscriptions, referrals, and many more categories.

As a result, you can turn your existing customer base into repeat purchasers and brand advocates with the Sweet Tooth extension and a great support team. It’s a real must have a plugin that should be on your site.


zendesk magento

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support plugin that’s another one of the great Magento extensions out. Great for a one person operated business. The extension integrates with your Magento store to enable customer support within the Magento platform.

How does creating tickets without leaving Magento sound? Good, right? Well, this plugin does, in fact, allow you to create tickets without leaving Magento.

Furthermore, online store owners can also see customer support tickets based on relevance. This lets stores use the customer dashboards to help filter through tickets. If you need a solution to keep customer support clean and in order, then Zendesk is for you!


mailchimp magento

MageMonkey by ebizmarts is the official MailChimp extension that integrates with Magento. So if you currently run all your newsletters through MailChimp, then this plugin is right for you. It will effectively improve how you communicate with your customers and potential customers.

It allows you to create auto-responding emails for completed transactions, birthday wishes, reminders about abandoned carts among others. Its seamless integration allows for a smooth working experience. A real no-brainer to use as far as Magento extensions are concerned.


AddShoppers Magento Extension


AddShoppers adds social icons into your product so your customers can share them onto various social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, this extension provides online store owners with a record of the number of products shared.

Not to mention, you can also see which products are the most widely shared, or most sold, from the social share as well as see the highest revenue-generating item. It’s a really organized tool to keep on top of your best performing products.


matrix magento

Managing to ship isn’t easy, especially if you’re a new e-commerce store. Thus, MatrixRate by WebShopApps is the way to go. Easily one of the most frustrating parts of not having a plugin like this is figuring out what each item cost when going out to specific locations.

Well, struggle no more. Matrixrate helps solve the problem of determining variations in shipping costs for weight, location, quantity and other variables. The way the extension does this is by creating different tables that instantly apply a shipping cost to your customer’s order. This saves owner’s money and time.

Cubix Address Label Printing

cubix address printing labels

Honestly, this extension sort of goes hand and hand with the last one we mentioned. Cubix Address Label Printing is one of the great Magento extensions out there. Additionally, it allows stores to print beautiful address labels – you know – the great looking ones you attach on a package before sending it out.

Equally important, the plugin prints the label directly from the admin panel, so there’s no need to bounce in and out of programs. You can determine the label size, layout, and pieces of information to include on the label. With Matrixrate alongside this, your online store should be good to go in the shipping department.