Over the past 11 years, WordPress has grown to run over 74 Million websites and accounts for 18.9% of all the websites in the world. So, what is WordPress and what makes it so popular?

WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. In its most basic form, WordPress is a web platform that allows you to build a website and publish content on the internet.

Building a basic WordPress site is easy. You install the software, choose from a pre-built theme, and start publishing! So, why would you ever need us?

WordPress comes with a great set of tools to build your own site but GrizzlySTS can help you add the professional spin to make your business soar. We can give you:

  • A professional WordPress installation on your own hosting or ours.
  • A custom theme built by our in-house graphic designers.
  • A simple shopping cart(if required) integrated with the payment provider of your choice.
  • Assistance implementing many of the thousands of plugins WordPress offers to turn your site into whatever you need it to be.

WordPress is a free platform that’s easy to use and cheap to customize making it the ideal system for informational sites, blogs, or businesses with small or limited shopping cart needs. Contact us below to see what we can do for you with WordPress.

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