Auto Vendor Update – $50.00

  • Send Packing Slips to Vendors After Successful Payment
  • Send to Multiple Vendors on Multi-Vendor Orders
  • Send to Different Vendors Based on Quantity Ordered
  • Built for Drop Shippers

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  • What it Does

    Auto Vendor Update is designed to automate shipments from your vendors to your clients in a drop-shipping environment. It allows you to specify which vendor and vendor email to automatically send a packing slip to upon ordering specified products. This extension is perfect for drop shippers who want to automatically contact their vendors to send an order once the order has been placed.

    How it Works

    Setup begins by creating a vendor in the Magento backend. This will include the vendor and an Email address for the packing slip to go to. After creating a vendor, you’ll have the option to set a product vendor or vendors to go with a particular product. These are assigned with a quantity range allowing you to assign a different vendor based on the quantity ordered. If only one vendor is required, a value like 1-10000 is recommended. Auto Vendor Update considers the cumulative value of all products ordered. In other words, if you order 5 of SKU 123 with option A and 5 of SKU 123 with option B, it considers it a 10 product order of the same product for the purposes of vendor selection.

    After a customer places an order, the vendor in question will be Emailed a packing slip for the products assigned to them. If a customer places an order for a product with two vendors on it, each vendor will be sent a packing slip with only their assigned products included.

  • doc_iconAuto Vendor Update V1.0 User Guide