Using Customer Mass Email to send a simple news letter

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Customer Mass Email is a simple extension we’ve developed that allows you to send out Email to a group of customers without using a third party Email service.

After installing the plugin, the first step is to create an Email template. Start by navigating to System >> Transactional Emails and then click “Add New Template”. Here you need to set a template name, subject, and the Email content. You can use HTML, CSS, and variables here but it’s not required.

After saving the template, navigate to System >> Configuration >> MassEmail Service. Set “Enable” to “Yes”, select the sender, and then choose the template we just created and click “Save Config”.

Now that the plugin has been configured, you can go to Customers >> Manage Customers, click on the customers you wish to Email, and then select “Send Mail” from the actions drop down and click Submit. You’ve just sent out your latest promotion, newsletter, or Email to your customers!




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