Whatever happened to Synthia?

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The Synthia project has been floating around for the last couple of years and I’m ashamed to say we haven’t really met expectations. We were ridiculously close to a launch in 2016 when a security flaw forced us to re-evaluate the project’s status. After some deliberation, we chose to refactor the project and rebuild it from the ground up to be more stable, more secure, and far more modular.

Synthia will be launched in September of 2017 with a reimagined admin panel, a ticketing system, and a modular design allowing developers to add to the platform easily with a minimum amount of effort. The billing module will be launched later in 2017.

The master plan for this software is quite simple. The base version of Synthia will be permanently free to use and extend for your needs. Support will be available as a paid(though very affordable) service or as part of a hosted solution.

As we’re approaching launch, updates, documentation, and more product videos will soon be available. I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported and waited for this project and hope you’re looking forward to a project we’ve been very excited to build!